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The Impact of CUI in Different Industries

What industries does CUI affect more commonly? In our latest infographic we take a look at the different industries which […]

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Refractory Lining: Industrial Boilers

Overview: Refractory Lining in Industrial Boilers. In this infographic we will look at the importance of refractory lining and how […]

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We Are Recruiting

POWERTHERM CURRENTLY HAVE A NUMBER OF ROLES OPEN… To accommodate the growth of the business we have several vacancies currently […]

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CUI: The Impact of Climate and Environmental Factors

CUI: THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS. In this infographic we look at how CUI is caused by different […]

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Considering CUI at the Design Stage

CONSIDERING CUI AT THE DESIGN STAGE. In our latest infographic we talk about how the design stage of an insulation […]

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