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The SRS: Personnel Protection Guards

THE SRS: UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE FOR PERSONNEL PROTECTION GUARDS. The unique design of the SRS allows it to be installed on […]

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We’ve Joined The Sizewell C Consortium

POWERTHERM SUPPORTS THE CONSTRUCTION OF SIZEWELL C. We’ve joined the Sizewell C Consortium, along with other leading companies in the […]

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Introducing The Space-Ring System (SRS)

THE SPACE-RING SYSTEM (SRS): COMBATS CORROSION UNDER INSULATION (CUI). A revolutionary new product.  Our patented design reduces damage to the […]

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Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

CUI: THE HIDDEN THREAT, CORRODING YOUR INTEGRITY Corrosion under insulation isn’t a new phenomenon.  It’s been a major safety and […]

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Hooton Bio Power, Fabric Filters: Site Installation

POWERTHERM PROJECTS: HOOTON BIO POWER. The fabric filters, associated equipment and ducting begins being installed on-site at Hooton Bio Power.  […]

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