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TICA Times Spring 2020: Paul Ashton TICA Ambassador Interview

HOW HAS TICA DEVELOPED OVER THE YEARS? We’re proud to support the industries we operate in.  As such, we are […]

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Automation makes the cut for Powertherm

AUTOMATION IMPROVES MANUFACTURING EIFFICIENCY. “Automation technology is now being used daily rather than monthly by Powertherm thanks to help from […]

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Construction Line: Gold Accredited

DID YOU KNOW POWERTHERM ARE CONSTRUCTION LINE GOLD MEMBERS? As a Gold Member Construction Line accredited company, we go further […]

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For the love of scrubs: Our NHS needs you

WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. The machinists in our Sewing Shop have been busy!  The dedicated team have been manufacturing […]

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Nuclear Industry Association: Corporate Members

DEVELOPING OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY. The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) is committed to supporting organisations within the supply […]

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