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Powertherm has supported ducting and industrial fan manufacturers for decades.  Our team of industry-leading designers, installers, and fabricators provide essential on-site and on-request support for leading clients.  We have operated alongside several of the UK’s major industrial fan manufacturers, developing innovative and pioneering solutions for complex and, at times, cumbersome installation procedures.  Our proven track record in delivering our services to meet client targets consists of the engineering of solutions in unique and difficult situations, alongside on-time and on-budget project management.

In addition to our specialist insulation services, many of our clients require electrical trace heating installing to the fan skin casing to prevent condensation or frost.  Our in-house turnkey approach puts us in a strong position to provide both insulation and trace heating services from one point of contact for an efficient and cost-effective partnership.

Our experts understand the unique nature of industrial fans, acknowledging each item’s specification and operating requirements will be different.  That’s why we start every project with questions about the operating conditions, anticipated performance, and environmental demands of the asset, so that we can provide the right solution.

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