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Powertherm is trusted by industry leaders such as European Heathyards to deliver a full range of services for tanks and vessels.  From large scope projects on new construction and ongoing maintenance, to individual bespoke assets, our multi-discipline services offers a total solution from a single source.  This reduces overall project and maintenance costs for the client and ensures projects are delivered safely, on-budget, and on time.

Our unique position in the market means we can help you with a multitude of in-house services.  When required, we can also draw on an extensive network of highly skilled operatives to execute services on-site at power plants, refineries, and within the process industry.  Our ability to scale at speed means we offer both proactive and reactive solutions for clients, reducing total operating costs while increasing plant efficiency and safety.

Our experts have the understanding of what needs to be considered through each stage of a project and the innovative solutions to support.  From surface preparation techniques and encapsulation to combat contamination, to applying specialist coatings such as Mascoat insulation and thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA) to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI), we pride ourselves on doing the job right.


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