Carrington CCGT Power Station

Project Outcome

Successful and safe execution of scaffolding, insulation, flexible insulation products and trace heating services for the term maintenance contract.

Project Rationale

Unplanned and planned maintenance to vane 2.  Powertherm were awarded the site maintenance contract as a result of our performance during the construction phase of the plant.  During the construction stage, we completed insulation services and associated scaffolding to the gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator, condenser system and associated ducting and equipment to vanes 1 & 2.

Project Details

  • Contract Type: Maintenance
  • Industry: Power Generation
  • Services: Access, Insulation, Flexible Insulation Products, Trace Heating
  • Work Force: Up to 30 individuals including, Scaffolders, Insulation Operatives, Welders Trace Heating Engineers and Project Management.
  • Timescale: 3 Years

Scope of Services

Scaffolding:  Multiple scaffolds were assembled on-site using split-line and independent structures.  Areas where scaffolds were constructed included the GT enclosure, OTC, boiler house (HRSG), MCW pumps, AGI, steam turbine, exhaust gas housing, feed water, HP bypass valves and the cooling towers.  During scheduled outages, the structures were used by numerous contractors, before being deconstructed ready for the vane to be switched back on.

Insulation:  Lagging and cladding services were carried out for general maintenance, specifically bends and the NDT, with fabrications reinstated where needed.

Flexible Insulation Products:  Insulation covers were inspected and cleaned where necessary.  Flexible covers were also installed on-site to help protect valuable elements of the plant from damage during the outage.

Trace Heating:  Full winterisation checks undergone on-site, identifying and replacing faulty electrical trace heating cables and temperature controllers from a previous contractor.  We also installed electrical trace heating to two RESIN tanks for temperature maintenance, including heated flexible insulation covers.  Finally, we trace heated four polymer lines for frost protection purposes.

Site Details

  • Location: Manchester, England.
  • Type: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT).
  • Power Output: 884MW (2x units at 442MW).
  • Status During Project: Fully Operational / Partial Outage
  • End User: Electricity Supply Board (ESB)

The gas-fired powerplant’s estimated power output will power 1,000,000 homes and businesses in the Greater Manchester area.  It is one of the most flexible plants in the UK, with the ability to allow renewables such as wind and solar onto the system at any given time.  Carrington began commercial operation in 2016, with maintenance scheduled to vane 2 in 2019.

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