Deeply Experienced in Marine Applications

Powertherm has a wealth of experience operating in the marine and offshore sector for industrial fabric-related solutions.  Our experts have the knowledge and understanding of the sector-specific processes and demands that need to be adhered to when undertaking marine applications and installations.

We offer a wide range of services including marine-conscious coatings.  From the service of marine bearing vessels, including tankers and commercial ships and associated equipment such as fenders, to infrastructure such as pontoons and bridges, we have the experience and expertise to treat, repair, and protect any surface subject to the marine environment.

We work across new construction, maintenance, and major refurbishment projects, where we have implemented our multi-discipline capabilities.  Our dedicated teams are fully qualified and competent in the design, application and installation of our comprehensive services related to the marine sector.

Our experience working with industry leaders is testament to our trusted teams working and delivering in challenging marine environments on high-value, safety-critical assets, where quality of work, health & safety of personnel and environmental impact are of paramount importance.


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