Industrial Cleaning


Powertherm Site Services has been at the forefront of industrial cleaning for over 30 years, offering a comprehensive range of services, including high-pressure water jetting, shot blasting, and much more.

Renowned  for quality, technical expertise, and innovative solutions that optimise process performance and prolong asset life cycles. We will arrive on site on pre-arranged dates to carry out your cleaning requirements, ensuring your facility remains in optimal condition.

We provide industrial activities that support the day-to-day operations of your facility.  Our teams have the skills and experience to quickly mobilise where unexpected problems arise such as chemical spillages or plant breakdowns.  All our services combine to protect and maintain your site, and enhance efficiencies in your processes while minimising downtime, disruptions to operations or unexpected costs.


We provide the following industrial activities:

  • Factory, office or workplace deep cleaning & sanitising
  • Guttering & internal reveal cleaning
  • Factory shutdown cleaning
  • Exterior building cleaning
  • Tankers and road sweepers
  • Dry dock services
  • Graffiti removal
  • Window cleaning

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  • Road sweeper, industrial cleaning
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