Thermal Insulation Performance Checks (TIPCHECK)


We have in-house Thermal Insulation Operatives who are specially trained to offer TIPCHECK services – TIPCHECK Experts.

Through the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (Eiif) program, our professionals have acquired the expertise needed to conduct comprehensive thermal energy audits on industrial insulation systems. This proficiency enables us to assess both existing facilities and planned projects, empowering us to advise our clients on enhancing the efficiency of their insulation systems.

By having TIPCHECK experts in-house, we can pinpoint areas with the highest energy-saving potential. Our audits extend to uninsulated lines, damaged lines, and insulated lines to ensure that the applied insulation systems are fit-for-purpose and performing as expected. The correct implementation of these measures can lead to rapid payback times, often within a year or even less. Additionally, our TIPCHECK experts excel in identifying potential safety risks to personnel, enabling us to swiftly eliminate any hazards.

We firmly believe that properly designed, installed, and maintained insulation systems play a crucial role in achieving Net Zero goals. The rigorous training in TIPCHECK not only enhances our team’s knowledge but also equips us to guide clients in reducing energy consumption, making cost savings, and minimising CO2 emissions. This, in turn, contributes to the overall improvement of efficiency, safety, and sustainability in their operations. Our commitment to excellence in thermal insulation aligns with our vision for a greener, more environmentally responsible future.

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