Cryogenic Insulation

Safety Focused Cryogenic Insulation Solutions

Cryogenic insulation is installed to withstand the effects of sub-zero temperatures of substances like liquified natural gas (LNG) which is controlled at minus 163°C.  This type of insulation is needed to protect personnel from extreme freezing temperatures, and to help keep equipment and piping, which stores and processes substances, at a controlled temperature so that it remains in a stable and workable state.

Powertherm specialist teams have a deep understanding of the demands of cryogenic insulation projects.  We provide our services to our clients during the construction, development and maintenance phases of their facilities.  We have extensive knowledge of the specially designed solutions this safety critical application needs, acknowledging the significant risks to personnel.

We know that cryogenic insulation installations require a high level of craftmanship if they are to be done right.  The smallest non-system application or penetration of the vapour barrier can cause detrimental icing.  Issues such as these can put the process and quality of the final product at risk.  It can also lead to significant energy and evaporation loss, cause major problems such as corrosion, and increase health and safety risks to personnel.

  • Cryogenic insulation pipework
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Expert Service you can Trust

Our cryogenic experts pride themselves on delivering innovative solutions that fit the requirements of the project; no matter its size.  They are specifically trained and vastly experienced in providing cryogenic insulation services, where thermal and mechanical tensions are high, including:


  • Cryogenic cargo and fuel tank insulation systems
  • Cryogenic energy storage
  • Fluid handling solutions
  • Gas plant & equipment
  • Liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities
  • Repair & Maintenance services (on & offline)
  • Storage terminals
  • Tanks, vessels, ducting, and pipework


From liquefaction and storage, loading & unloading, to shipping and regasification we have cryogenic insulation solutions that cover the entire LNG operation.  For us a cryogenic project starts with systems research and gathering information about the project.  We then design and engineer the right system, before carrying out the actual on-site installation.

We offer a range of materials and solutions that are uniquely tailored to cryogenic applications and the surrounding environment; working closely with expert suppliers.  The most suited solution is commonly a multi-layer construction, made up of different materials, protective layers and vapour barriers.  Materials such as Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam or cellular glass make up multi-layer systems.  Stainless steel, aluminised steel or UV cured GRP is also applied to give weather and impact protection to the insulation system.

In addition we have in-house substructures which significantly improve the mechanical strength of the insulation system, reducing the chances of the system sustaining critical damage, delivering a much safer installation.  For more >>

As part of our cryogenic insulation service we also offer:


  • Class approvals, product certifications & accreditations
  • Fire certified solutions
  • High density pipe supports
  • Material & fabrication supply, foam block production / machining, sandwich / hybrid insulation panels
  • Pre-fabricated cryogenic insulation systems
  • Spray foam systems & vacuum insulation solutions


Clients trust us to provide cost-effective cryogenic insulation systems that are safe, fit the requirements of the situation, and last the expected life cycle.  At Powertherm we know our in-house expert teams poses the skills, experience, industry knowledge and innovative solutions to achieve just that.

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