Frost Protection

Safeguarding Assets and through Trace Heating 

Installing trace heating for frost protection can be the difference between protecting the life of assets and costly damage or, worse, complete and costly failure.  Frost protection systems can also reduce the risk of injury to both personnel and the wider general public.


We have applied our solutions to the following:

  • Water supplies: including chilled water supply (CWS), fire water circuits
  • Process equipment
  • Storage equipment: including vessels, tanks, and silos
  • Instrumentation: including pumps and valves
  • External decontamination showers
  • Process piping: for condensation / frost prevention
  • Footpaths and walkways.


The implementation of trace heating for frost protection stands as a strategic investment with far-reaching implications. Beyond safeguarding assets and mitigating potential damages, these systems play a crucial role in enhancing overall safety by minimizing the risk of injuries to both personnel and the wider public.

  • Trace heating frost protection piping
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