Passive Fire Protection


Our expert applicators have a deep understanding of this safety critical discipline.  Passive fire protection or PFP coatings are a vitally important application across the oil & gas, power and processing industries.  PFP coatings work by expanding to form an insulating layer when subject to an extended period of high temperatures.  This creates a barrier that limits heat transfer between the substrate and the source of heat.


We offer a wide range of PFP including intumescent coatings and cementitious products.  Our highly skilled and qualified applicators are approved to install the latest technical PFP solutions to steelwork, skirts, process and storage assets to name a few.  From single project applications to term maintenance contracts on refineries, we offer turnkey solutions to major blue-chip clients, to protect their teams and assets.

  • Fire protection, PFP, intumescent, cementitious
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