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The integrity of pipework and equipment when temperatures drop below freezing can quickly become a real problem and is often, regretfully, overlooked by industrial plant operators.  It’s only once processes and equipment begin to experience operational issues, or once the freeze clears and damage sustained to assets becomes clear, that facility owners act – this is too late.

From split pipelines to complete equipment failures, if facilities don’t consider freezing winter’s before they arrive, they can expect to face unplanned downtime and added maintenance costs.

Winterisation is the process of protecting your facility, equipment, processes and products against freezing temperatures.  It is an inspection of existing trace heating and insulation systems or the installation of new systems.

For insulation a visual inspection is undergone to check the integrity of the system.  If signs of degradation are found, further inspections and possibly removal and reinstatement of the insulation system may be required.

For trace heating our service is split into two parts: a visual inspection and electrical testing.  After the Winterisation checks are complete, a schedule of the circuits tested, and corresponding results are issued with a list of remedial works.

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