Concrete Protection


On first thought concrete protection might seem like a fairly straight forward application.  However, besides coating concrete walls of a build for example, concrete protection of a bund wall surrounding a bulk storage tank is a very different application all together.

In the event of a tank failing, the only protection from the contents stored within, is the concrete bund wall.  If the tank was storing hydraulic acid the health and safety implications could be catastrophic.

This is where the correct specification, application, and maintenance of the concrete protective coating becomes paramount.  The coating acts as a protective barrier to contain the spilled substance within the bund. This buys time to evacuate the surrounding area and in turn allows clean up operations to take place and the area to be deemed safe once again.

Our Concrete Protection services include:

  • Acid & alkaline resistant linings
  • Novolac glass filled vinyl ester
  • Flexible membranes: Polyuria
  • Solvent free reinforced epoxy coatings
  • Cut out, repair, and protection of concrete linings
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