Insulation System Design

Expert Insulation System Design

When designing an insulation system, there are several key criteria and measurements which need to be understood or calculated to specify a system that is fit for purpose, performs as required and lasts its expected life cycle.

Generally this includes:

  • What is being insulated & where it will be situated
  • Operating / ambient temperatures
  • Installation / functionality / performance requirements
  • Insulation material specification
  • Cladding & support specification

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Our teams have a deep understanding of insulation systems and the factors affecting the design of them.  We can competently design full insulation systems for any asset from small bore piping systems and square ducting, to industrial boilers, storage tanks and service vessels.

Providing full system analysis, technical drawings and supporting calculations and material specifications gives our clients reassurance we are providing the right insulation system for their requirements.  Our experienced engineers know having this understanding at the design stage of an insulation system will in turn prevent major issues like CUI, and operational issues once the asset and insulation system is installed and put into service.

  • Technical drawing of insulation system design
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