Our Story

Since 1989, Powertherm has consistently grown to become an industry leader, with a reputation for quality.

The foundations of our history are embedded within the coal fired power stations of the UK.  Founded to provide a range of Thermal and Acoustic Industrial Insulation Services, including Flexible Insulation Products, to the Power Generation and Petrochemical industries, Powertherm was originally known as Powertherm Contracts Insulation ltd.

Soon, we saw the value in expanding our services offering to our clients.  We diversified our capabilities to include Access, Electrical Trace Heating, and Refractory Lining services so we can ensure we’re offering the right solution for our clients.  Most recently, this range expanded further to Industrial Painting, Specialist Coatings, Industrial Cleaning, and Site Services.  With such a broad range of solutions on offer, our name became Powertherm Contracts Services Ltd.

Although a lot has changed over the years, from advances in technology to changes in legislation, the way in which we approach every project and client has stayed the same.  We pride ourselves on always offering the right solution because what else should you do?  It’s from this approach we have developed our philosophy of – Do it right, do it once.






From a team of 10, who shared the use of computers, through a number of moves of premises to meet growing demand, and employing experts in their field, to providing a comprehensive range of services to industry leaders around the globe, our story so far is nothing short of inspiring.


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