Industrial Scaffolding Access Solutions

Exemplary Track Record in Safety

No matter the method of access, we have the trusted experts with the skills and experience to give you safe access to where you need to be.

Whether it’s using a scaffold, rope, MEWPs, or working within a confined space, we guarantee no installation and procedure falls below safety standards and nowhere is inaccessible for our teams.

Industrial Scaffolding

If you’re the person responsible for placing employees on a scaffold platform, it is important that you know, and trust, the company erecting the structure.  You need to be sure it is fit for purpose, and is modified and dismantled in the safest possible manner.

Powertherm provides a full range of Scaffolding Services, using our wholly-owned equipment, both independently and as part of an integrated package with our other services.  Where required, we also provide inspections & surveys, design drawings, supporting calculations and project programmes.

We offer a full range of scaffold structures:

  • Independent
  • Birdcage
  • Towers
  • Slung
  • Bridges
  • Cantilever platforms & truss out
  • Flying & racking shore
  • Loading platform towers
  • Habitats/temporary buildings & roofs
  • Lifting frames
  • Storage racks & ties
  • Edge protection & buttresses
  • Sheeted & un-sheeted structures
  • Encapsulation/containment

All scaffolds are erected in accordance with the latest NASC technical and safety guidance.  Our operatives hold Construction Industry Scaffolder’s Record Scheme (CISRS) cards and we commit to continuous training to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality of service.  All projects are monitored for safety and on-site auditing is undertaken by one of our highly-trained health and safety experts.

  • Industrial scaffolding turbine hall
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We provide all types of encapsulation solutions to protect the work site and surrounding environment against potential contamination and adverse weather conditions.  Providing a controlled work area saves time and shields personnel and the working area.  This allows the project to continue, minimising disruptions and unexpected costs.

Rope Access

We find using a rope access team is often a safer and more efficient method of gaining entry for your workforce, dependent on the project specification.  It may also be more financially viable than traditional methods of access, particularly for short duration work at high levels.  Also, for out-of-reach locations where minimal tools and materials need to be used by the workforce, rope access should always be a consideration.

Our rope access workers are all IRATA trained tradesmen.  This ensures that they are fully skilled for the task in hand, whilst ensuring they have the skills required for rope access work in accordance with IRATA operational guidelines.  Safety is never compromised.

Confined Space Management

Operating within industrial process industries undoubtedly means there will be enclosed, small spaces, which personnel need access to.  Having the correct plans, procedures, and expert people in place for such a situation can be the difference between a successful rescue or serious life-threatening injury.  We have the experience and competence to provide confined space management and rescue as both a standalone service or incorporated into a larger maintenance contract or construction project.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

In certain situations, it may not be financially viable or practical to use scaffolding or rope access solutions.  Mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) are an efficient and effective alternative.  MEWPS are predominantly used for short duration work done at an applicable height, particularly when a rope cannot be anchored, scaffold constructed, or if the project requires a specifically-trained individual.  A number of our site operatives are fully trained in the use of MEWPs, ensuring we provide a cost-effective service for our clients.


Mobile elevated working platform access


Trusted Service Delivery

Our teams have safely taken many projects with requirements for our Access Solutions on both new constructions projects and for unplanned and planned maintenance requirements such as outages.

We employ teams of specialists that can erect and dismantle scaffolds, operate mobile equipment, appropriately anchor a rope, and manage confined spaces in the most efficient, safe and cost-effective way for our clients and their people.  Our multi-discipline capabilities offering Access Solutions alongside our other services allows significant cost savings to be passed onto our clients through a lean management approach.

We understand the processes and safety requirements which are associated with access solutions, allowing us to build strong, trusted, relationships with clients.  Our aim is to understand unique requirements, analyse the situation and parameters, and ultimately provide the most suitable, safe, and cost-effective method of access.

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