Flexible Insulation Products

Innovative Insulation Solutions

Flexible insulation products are easier and quicker to install, remove for maintenance, and reinstall, compared to traditional lagging and cladding insulation techniques.

For certain pieces of equipment, flexible products are a cost-effective alternative, particularly when regular access is needed and inspection and maintenance programmes are to be considered.

Flexible Insulation Products include:

  • Valves & flanges
  • Doorways: including boilers
  • Trace heated
  • Food quality
  • Chemically resistant
  • Pumps and flow meters
  • Industrial fans
  • Air ducts and slides
  • Skids units including oil
  • Hoppers
  • Turbines
  • Exhausts
  • Heat exchanges
  • Compressors
  • Vessels
  • Water tanks
  • Fire hydrants
  • Expansion joints


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  • Flexible insulation covers boiler door
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Quality Bespoke Designs

Our Flexible Insulation Products come in all shapes, sizes, and specifications to suit a variety of situations.  We offer thermally resistant, acoustic reduction, and frost protection covers and jackets.  Our solutions are bespoke designs, individually tailored for a perfect fit and offer better protection against mechanical damage and reduced thermal conductivity when compared to metal cladding.

We ensure we offer the right solution for both indoor and outdoor environments, including specific labelling/tagging for traceability, inspection, and maintenance purposes.

Acoustic Covers

Acoustic insulation covers reduce health and safety risks, and improve working areas, by reducing noise pollution.  Where traditional lagging and cladding solutions are not applicable, as the equipment in question needs to be accessed regularly, flexible insulation covers are an innovative solution for acoustic reduction requirements.

Trace Heated

Trace heating cable can be sewn into pockets on the inside face of a flexible insulation cover to add temperature maintenance capabilities.  Junction boxes and thermostats can also be incorporated to provide a total heated solution in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.  Covers can be individually tailored to suit: gas bottles, oil drums, critical valves, instrumentation, and IBC containers.

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints play an important role in high-temperature piping and ducting systems.  They are multi-layer covers to suit extreme temperatures and service conditions.  Expansion joints can be made to suit, ranging from air conditioning ducts operating at ambient temperatures, through to boiler outlet ducts working at 650°c.  When ducting and piping is subjected to extreme and volatile temperatures, the substantial fluctuations cause thermal expansion.  Pipes and ducts which don’t have the ability to move, through expansion joints, can become damaged.

Expansion joints flexibles insulation products


Expert Service Delivery

Powertherm has competently completed multiple projects providing our innovative Flexible Insulation Products across a variety of sectors: Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Water Treatment, Processing Industries and Construction.  From bespoke single products, to orders of over 2000+ for major projects, we take pride in our comprehensive service.

We provide a turnkey service for our clients: site measuring/consultations, CAD 2D/3D design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance.  As an ISO:9001 approved company, we’re focused on the quality of our products and processes.  That’s why, along with our hand-crafted processes, we incorporate a CNC ply-cutting machine into our manufacturing.  We only use high quality materials in our products, and our teams of experts pride themselves on delivering the very best finish for each and every product.


Flexible insulation CNC ply cutting machine


Covers with acoustic insulation can be manufactured for fans, compressors, and gearboxes, to provide a significant reduction in noise levels.  High temperature resistant materials are used for exhaust covers on generators, locomotive engines, and collector systems.  Velcro fastenings, straps, ‘D’ rings or rope ties are used for easy installation and removal.

Different fabrics and insulation materials offer protection from -50°c up to 1000°c.  Mineral wool, glass needle mat, body soluble ceramic blanket, Pyrogel and closed-cell polyethylene foam are all used depending upon the requirements.

From over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing flexible insulation products, we have built expertise and reputation for leading industry knowledge to provide the right solution for each client’s unique specifications.


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