Innovative Solutions for the fabricators sector

Powertherm offers our range of expertise to fabricators across several fabrication industries.  Our multidiscipline service supply allows us to provide expert solutions to meet the specific needs of the fabrication sector. We can support you on new installations of pre-fabricated assets and with on-going maintenance at your facilities.

We understand the specific challenges and demands of each industry we supply, and our skilled team is trained to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality, and environmental compliance.

Professionally protecting fabricated assets will help to prolong their lifespan, which will result in reduced downtime from equipment failures, and operational efficiency through maintaining production and optimised processes.


Industrial Fans

Powertherm has supported industrial fan fabricators for decades; applying our traditional insulation and cladding and innovative flexible insulation solutions. Our team of industry-leading designers and installers provide essential on-site and on-request support for leading clients. We have operated alongside several of the UK’s major industrial fan manufacturers, developing innovative and pioneering solutions for complex and, at times, cumbersome installation procedures Our proven track record in delivering our services to meet client targets consists of the engineering of solutions in unique and difficult situations, alongside on-time and on-budget project management.

In addition to our specialist insulation services, many of our clients require electrical trace heating installing to the fan skin casing to prevent condensation or frost.  Our in-house turnkey approach puts us in a strong position to provide both insulation and trace heating services from one point of contact for an efficient and cost-effective partnership.

Our experts understand the unique nature of industrial fans, acknowledging each item’s specification and operating requirements will be different.  That’s why we start every project with questions about the operating conditions, anticipated performance, and environmental demands of the asset, so that we can provide the right solution. We can also provide top quality maintenance work when the time comes to ensuring the assets are operating efficiently, effectively and safely. 

Fan system    Fan system     



We offer multidiscipline expert services to support ducting fabricators. Installed on the internal surface of the steel structure, refractory lining provides a layer of protection from extreme operating conditions such as high temperatures and abrasive substances. Our industrial insulation solutions are also applied with the relevant density and thickness to the external surface of ducting to maintain operating temperatures, reduce energy consumption and provide protection to personnel.

Furthermore, to add to our service provision for ducting fabricators, we also offer industrial coatings. Our teams can apply innovative coatings to welds to protect against corrosion, as well as paint the entire structure to protect the steelwork and provide a better aesthetic finish. Access solutions enable our operatives to safely apply our services to ducting in difficult to access places; this could be through rope access or scaffolding works.

Ducting works, slough

Heat Exchanges

Heat exchanges require temperatures to be maintained at a specified level. Our expert insulation engineers will apply insulation and cladding to the heat exchanges to the specific requirements of each individual job, ensuring maximum efficiency of the equipment whilst also providing a safe working environment for employees.

Our access solutions division enables our operatives to complete their jobs in the tightest or most difficult positions, working safely and effectively, this could be off-site before the asset has been installed or on-site where the heat exchanger is in situ.

Heat exchanger

Tanks and Vessels

In addition to this Powertherm is trusted by industry leaders such to deliver a full range of services for tanks and vessels.  From large scope projects on new construction and ongoing maintenance, to individual bespoke assets, our multidiscipline services offer a total solution from a single source.  This reduces overall project and maintenance costs for the client and ensures projects are delivered safely, on-budget, and on time.

Our expert teams can:

  • install refractory lining to the inside of vessels to protect them from extreme operating conditions.
  • prepare and clean your tank or vessel through blasting or high-pressure jetting to remove contaminants and prepare the surface properly to receive industrial coatings.
  • apply specialist coatings to protect against things such as CUI. And apply industrial painting for a better finish.
  • install electrical trace heating for temperature maintenance requirements.
  • design and install the correct insulation system, including flexible insulation covers, to achieve your desired operating performance.
  • provide scaffold or rope access solutions to enable safe access to the workface and, provide encapsulated structures to protect the asset from adverse weather and potential contaminates.

We are a one stop shop for all your tank and vessel industrial solutions.


Our unique position in the market means we can help you with a multitude of in-house services.  When required, we can also draw on an extensive network of highly skilled operatives to execute services on-site at power plants, refineries, and within the process industry.  Our ability to scale at speed means we offer both proactive and reactive solutions for clients, reducing total operating costs while increasing plant efficiency and safety.

Our experts have the understanding of what needs to be considered through each stage of a project and the innovative solutions to support.  From surface preparation techniques and encapsulation to combat contamination, to applying specialist coatings such as Mascoat insulation and thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA) to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI), we pride ourselves on doing the job right.

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