Thermal Insulation

Expert Thermal Insulation Services

Thermal insulation is required to reduce heat transfer from pipework and equipment.  This is especially important in industrial settings where extremely hot temperatures are common as a result of processes.  Furthermore, this reduction in heat transfer helps to protect personnel from extreme temperatures.  Thermal insulation is also installed to preserve energy and stop heat loss to help improve the efficiency of industrial processes.


Powertherm have over three decades experience operating on projects which required thermal insulation.  We have worked on new construction projects, for facilities upgrades and on long term maintenance contracts for our clients; specialising in industrial boiler, turbine, and associated equipment insulation solutions.  Our teams have a wealth of knowledge, understanding things such as corrosion under insulation can be prevalent.


Over our history we have built up a core team of longstanding employees who pride themselves on working as a team to deliver on the most challenging projects.  Together they have worked with just about every piece of industrial equipment priding themselves on the quality of work and innovative solutions they provide.

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