Repair & Maintenance

Delivering Results and Positive Change

We have a proven track record of supporting major blue-chip clients to bring about positive change, through innovation and expertise, on challenging projects.

Repair: Innovative

We are regularly called upon in industry to rectify installations which don’t meet the high standards required in the demanding industries we support.  We’re the ones brought in to remedy the errors of poor workmanship that’s not up to standard, or to improve systems to adhere to new and future regulations and best practice standards.

Whether its failing insulation, refractory lining, or coating systems due to poor installations or unsuitable material specification, or a requirement for a trace heating system to eradicate operational issues such as ash solidification; we have built up highly skilled teams over our 30-year history with the knowledge and experience to overcome the most critical of issues.

Our experts have a deep understanding of the challenging conditions and environments of client assets and sites.  Combining this with innovative solutions allows us to always deliver the right solution.  Doing this ensures we can improve the performance and integrity of client assets, pro-longing their life cycle and reducing costs.

Quality is what we are known for in industry, couple this with our do it right, do it once approach allows our clients to receive the cost-effective solutions they deserve.

Maintenance: Cost-effective

Industry leaders trust us to deliver turnkey services and innovative solutions to maintain their sites, equipment, and ensure the smooth running of operations.

Along with a focus on quality products and services, we pride ourselves on surpassing health and safety standards, and minimising our environmental impact – something we understand is highly important when operating on clients’ fixed sites.

Our experience in operating maintenance contracts means we have built up a wealth of understanding that improvements of performance are a result of a collective strategy including the physical execution of service delivery, the management of the contract and a collaborative approach with the client, to enable continuous improvement.

We have longstanding relationships with industry leaders, where our teams deliver our specialist services and incorporate our innovative solutions to improve operations to minimise downtime and reduce lifetime operational cost through efficiency.

Service Excellence

Our experts combine our experiences, skills, and commitment to delivering innovative project management and service delivery solutions to bring contracts to successful completion.  We have a proven track record of implementing our processes, procedures, and innovative solutions on projects within the oil & gas, power generation, chemical and processing industries.  Our position in the market means we have the advantage of being both reactive to unplanned requirements and proactive in planned projects, to ultimately optimise uptime for our clients and reduce their costs.

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