Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

Technically Equipped Alternative Access

In certain situations, it may not be financially viable or practical to use scaffolding or rope access solutions.  Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are an efficient and effective alternative.


We offer a full design and planned management system for each project; this identifies the most effective type of MEWP required for the task.  All machines are fitted with the latest safety features such as Intelligent Secondary Guarding and Skysiren technology, which gives the operator the highest level of protection against entrapment and accidental crushing incidents – which are the most common incidents when using a MEWP.


Additional innovative items such as material handling attachments can be included when using a MEWP.  These can be attached to the machine to enable safe lifting of equipment to the workplace.


MEWPS are predominantly used for short duration work done at an applicable height, particularly when a rope cannot be anchored, scaffold constructed, or if the project requires a specifically-trained individual.  A number of our site operatives are fully trained in the use of MEWPs, ensuring we provide a cost-effective service for our clients.

  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform Operative
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