Glass Industry Innovative Solutions

Our versatile expertise spans across multiple industries, enabling us to offer specialised services. Our skilled engineers are actively engaged in the glass processing industry, delivering multidiscipline solutions to businesses, including recycling plants and manufacturing units. These facilities require precise temperature control to facilitate the recycling and reshaping of glass materials and manufacture of new products.

Our insulation services encompass crucial components such as furnaces, crucibles, pots, ovens, kilns, and piping systems, ensuring optimal energy conservation. In doing so, we assist our clients in meeting environmental regulations while enhancing their operational efficiency as well as provide a safe working environment.

In addition to providing insulation services, we are actively engaged in provision of refractory solutions. Within the glass manufacturing domain, the integrity of crucial components like glass melting tanks and crucibles is paramount. These critical elements demand specialised refractory linings capable of withstanding the corrosive forces generated by molten glass and the extreme temperatures involved in the process. Our expertise refractory ensures the longevity and reliability of these essential components, contributing to the seamless operation of glass manufacturing facilities.

Powertherm also offers industrial coatings for protection and aesthetics. As well as access solutions to complete maintenance work, inspections and repairs, while enabling a safe and efficient work environment. We have in-house trace heating solutions for temperature maintenance and frost protection requirements.

Our services can be provided as a standalone solution or combined to provide cost savings and help you optimise your processes and maintain production. Skilled professionals are on hand to support you with new construction/ installation projects and maintenance requirements. With quality, health, safety and the environment central to operations we are committed to provide you with the right solution.


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