Insulation & Cladding Substructure Systems

Innovative Substructure Solutions

As an innovative company that prides itself on always offering the right solution to our clients, we are aware that the asset being insulated is situated within an industrial environment and subject to the most demanding operating conditions.  Consequently, this can lead to problems such as accidental damage to the insulation system, which in turn can result in major issues like danger to personnel and corrosion under insulation.


To help combat this, we always encourage our clients to install a substructure where possible.  This substructure will not only prolong the life of the insulation system but make further improvements in the performance of the system from a strength, process efficiency and personnel protection viewpoint.

We offer the following sub-structures:

  • DUK-50 Rail sub-structure (sole UK supplier/installers)
  • The Space-Ring System (SRS) (Powertherm patented design [GB 2539595 A]).  Learn more >>
  • Bolted cladding support rings
  • 8mm diameter insulation studs and star plates
  • 50*50mm RSA
  • Cladding support system thermal insulation
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