Accreditations & Certifications

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification proves our commitment to the constant development and refinement of our technologies and processes.  The ISO 9001 standard is an internationally recognised quality management certification.

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ISO 45001

Being ISO 45001 certified shows out commitment to our goal in terms of Health and Safety to always achieve incident and accident free working environment’s.  ISO 45001 is a industry certification for Health & Safety Management that is recognised internationally.

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ISO 14001

Being ISO 14001 certified shows our commitment to protecting and preserving the environment we both work and live in for the sustainability of the future.  ISO 14001 is a world recognised environmental management certification.

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F4N Logo

Being granted Fit For Nuclear (F4N) status demonstrates our commitment to safety and our processes, and means we have successfully measured our operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry – for new build, operations and decommissioning.

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Safe Contractor

We believe our innovative approach to product development and service delivery is only possible by placing safer working environments at the heart of everything we do.  Consequently, we are Safe Contractor (SSIP) approved which demonstrates to our clients we are competent and compliant in health and safety standards.

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We are a member of the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA) which illustrates our commitment to the ongoing improvement of industries we support and ensures we are up to date on the latest developments.  We’re also proud to say we actively employ Thermal Insulation Apprentices on our projects to dedicate knowledge investment in the future of the industry.

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Energy Industries Council (EIC)


The EIC is the leading trade association for providing dedicated services to help members prosper.  Having an insight into what’s happening within industry allows us to implement the most efficient and focused strategies for our business.  Alongside the hands-on approach of the EIC, we have found their database of information keeps us one step ahead of the competition.

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Avetta connects the world’s leading companies with qualified suppliers and contractors like us.  Being pre-qualified with Avetta is testament to our commitments to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental demands of our Company and how we operate.

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Achilles (UVDB)

Achilles streamlines the pre-qualification process with leading companies across the globe.  Being pre-qualified with Achilles shows our clients we are a company that acts with integrity and complies with relevant QHSE procedures and legislation. 

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Nuclear Industry Association


The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) is committed to supporting the nuclear industry, organisational support, and investment into the sector.  Our membership illustrates our commitments to the diverse set of sectors we service.  Having the support of the trade helps improve our operations within the nuclear industry.

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Scaffolding Association


The Scaffolding Association is the largest trade organisation in the UK scaffolding and access sector that campaigns to improve standards in safety, quality and skills.  Being an assessed member acknowledges our competencies in all aspects of access from the use of ropes to the design of scaffolds.

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Construction Line


Construction Line connects buyers and suppliers in the construction industry.  Working to the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire (PAS-91), being Construction Line compliant greatly simplifies the supply process.  As Gold Members of Construction Line, not only are we demonstrating that we satisfy PAS-91, but we also comply with additional standards in: Environmental Management, Equalities and Diversity, Quality Management, and ensuring legislative compliance.

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Made in Sheffield

Made in Sheffield is one of the world’s leading brands, made famous internationally as a mark of quality on the city’s manufactured products.  Being successful in the Made in Sheffield application is testament to our quality standards and capabilities in manufacturing products for our projects and clients.


Contractor Competency

We support the aims of the Humber contractor competency forum by improving work systems that contribute to sustained workforce competency.  The Contractor Competency (ConCom) is a collaborative group of clients an suppliers established to develop high standards of operating across the Humber Bank process industry sites.

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European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) 

EiiF Members Logo


Members of our team are TIPCHECK (Thermal Insulation Performance Check) certified by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF). This certification allows us to evaluate insulation systems of existing facilities, planned projects or retrofits and demonstrate how insulation will save money, reduced C02 emissions and contribute to leading companies achieving Net Zero on their facilities.

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Fit For Hydrogen (F4H2) + Carbon Capture Usage & Storage (CCUS)



Fit For Hydrogen and CCUS is based on the proven Fit For Nuclear model of sector-focused supplier development. They allow companies to measure their operations against the standards required to supply these fast-growing sectors and take the necessary steps to close any gaps. Being certified F4H2 and CCUS demonstrates our ongoing commitment to maintaining applicable standards and our operations even for the very latest innovative technologies that will shape the future an contribute to a more sustainable world.

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