Trace Heating Winterisation

Comprehensive Winterisation Services for Trace Heating Systems

The integrity of pipework during freezing temperatures is something that most facilities don’t consider until it’s too late and they face the unwanted costs of downtime and maintenance due to equipment failures.  We offer the expertise and experience to carryout Winterisation Services in any industry which has trace heating installed for frost protection purposes.

Winterisation is an inspection of trace heating frost protection systems.  Our service is split into two parts: a visual inspection and electrical testing:

Visual inspection:

  • Check the cable gland condition.
  • Remove junction box lid and check for moisture ingress
  • Check terminals for tightness and correct connection

Electrical testing:

  • Test continuity and record results (checking for open circuit or low resistance) and compare with previous year’s results.
  • Test insulation resistance (cores to earth, checking for low IR readings) and compare with last year’s results.
  • Checking against previous results can identify any malfunctions in heating elements before they occur.

After the Winterisation Inspection is complete, a schedule of the circuits tested, and corresponding results are issued with a list of remedial works.  Undertaking these remedial works helps prevent a potentially costly future problem, reducing the risk of downtime or total asset failure.

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