Specialists in the Plastics Processing Industry 

Our industrial services offer valuable solutions to customers in the plastics processing industry by addressing their specific needs. We excel in customising insulation solutions tailored to the diverse processes within plastic manufacturing and recycling. Whether it’s insulating critical equipment like extruders or moulding machines, or creating insulated storage areas such as silos for raw materials and finished products, we ensure that temperature control is precise and energy-efficient, helping to meet environmental regulations related to emissions, air quality, and sustainability efforts.

We provide an expert service for new installations and also offer maintenance works to prolong asset life. Ensuring the correct installation of insulation is applied to the asset not only contributes to the efficiency and cost of the asset, it also ensures a safe working environment for employees by making sure the surface of the asset isn’t hot, stopping any potential injuries.

Our service provision also overs trace heating for temperature sensitive process/ products, coatings for protection, and industrial cleaning to maintenance quality and safety on your sites. Our refractory team can offer lining and repair solutions to plastic production equipment such as plastic extrusion barrels and moulds, ensuring durability and extended service life. In support of our services or for your operations, we also have in-house access solutions covering scaffolding, rope access, mobile equipment and confined space management.

Our services not only enhance product quality by maintaining consistent temperatures but also contribute significantly to cost savings. By optimising energy consumption and reducing operational expenses, we help our customers in the plastic industry improve their bottom line. Additionally, our consultative approach allows us to identify areas where insulation improvements can yield the most significant benefits, making us a trusted partner for efficiency, quality, and sustainability in plastic manufacturing.


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