Sheet Metal Fabrication

Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our state of the art sheet metal fabrication facility is 690m2 and hosts a team of experts who are vastly experienced and skilled at what they do.  We have an abundance of the latest equipment and are committed to developing our workforce to be at the forefront of fabricating sheet metal solutions.  Often the quality of cladding may be a last thought, when in fact technically designed and precisely engineered solutions can be the difference to an insulation system failing or lasting beyond its expected life.


We provide bespoke cladding solutions for any requirement: piping, ducting, fittings, valves, flanges, stacks, tanks, vessels, dome ends, square to rounds and other intricate assets.  We also have the skills to provide sheet metal solutions for personnel protection guards made from perforated metals and grated flooring, walkways and rails.  Our fabricators can work with any type and grade of metal including Aluzinc and stainless steels.


We’ve invested heavily in digitalising our processes, that coupled with ample equipment, workforce and storage space for materials and stock, meeting stringent deadlines and quality standards for our projects is never in doubt.

  • MABI Sheet Metal Fabrication Machine
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