Providing expert support to the wood processing industry 

Powertherm offer an extensive range of skills and services that are useful in the wood processing industry. Our teams acknowledge and understand the unique requirements of the industry; proving themselves across projects of all sizes.

We provide a multidiscipline provision that covers challenges faced by our clients. By combining our services, cost-savings can be passed onto our clients through having to manage a single supplier.

Industrial insulation is essential for ensuring efficient temperature control, reduced energy consumption and improved product quality for wood drying kilns. These measures will also help with environmental compliance, ensuring wood processing facilities meet environmental regulations related to emissions, waste management and sustainability practices as well as provide a safe working environment for workers protecting them from hot surfaces and potential hazards. In addition, the noise in which is created in sawmills and woodworking facilities could be expertly installed with acoustic insulation to reduce sound emissions and create a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

We also offer refractory lining and repair services for wood pellet production equipment, Powertherm handles the complete refractory installation process, ensuring that refractory linings are expertly designed and installed for your equipment.

Scaffolding access goes hand-in-hand with the safe execution of our services. Our scaffold division is ready to mobilise for unplanned projects and work meticulously to plan scheduled projects, seeking out innovative ways to reduce operational downtime and costs.

We offer thorough inspections, maintenance, and repair services for wood processing facilities, as well as offer our services for new construction projects. Our industrial solutions will help to minimise downtime and extend the lifespan of the equipment whilst maintaining the maximum level of process efficiency.


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