Industrial Scaffolding

Safe and Trusted Service Delivery

If you’re the person responsible for placing employees on a scaffold platform, it is important that you know, and trust, the company erecting the structure.  You need to be sure it is fit for purpose, and is modified and dismantled in the safest possible manner.

Powertherm provides a full range of Scaffolding Services with the competence to work with both traditional tube and fitting and system scaffolds, using our wholly-owned equipment. Our service can be provided independently and as part of an integrated package with our other services.  Where required, we also provide inspections & surveys, design drawings, supporting calculations and project programmes.

We offer a full range of scaffold structures:

  • Independent
  • Birdcage
  • Towers
  • Slung
  • Bridges
  • Cantilever platforms & truss out
  • Flying & racking shore
  • Loading platform towers
  • Habitats/temporary buildings & roofs
  • Lifting frames
  • Staircases
  • Storage racks & ties
  • Edge protection & buttresses
  • Sheeted & un-sheeted structures
  • Encapsulation/containment

All scaffolds are erected in accordance with the latest NASC technical and safety guidance.  Our operatives hold Construction Industry Scaffolder’s Record Scheme (CISRS) qualifications and we commit to continuous training to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality of service.  All projects are monitored for safety and on-site auditing is undertaken by one of our highly-trained health and safety experts.

  • Industrial scaffolding turbine hall
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We understand that safety throughout, minimising erecting and dismantling times, and always being adaptable and cost-effective is key for our clients.


Offering both types of scaffolds gives us the flexibility to provide technically advanced systems which can be made to fit even the most irregular shapes and profiles or for large scale structures and where modifications are required.



Tube & Fitting

In some situations traditional is best.  Tube and fitting can be made to fit around the most irregular of shapes and profiles.  Construction, modification, and dismantling comes with ease with tube and fitting systems due to its versatility and their general requirement for less ties to area ratio compared to system scaffolds.

Where the facade steps in & out frequently, tube and fitting allows for a closer fit as it can be based out. Where as, due to their modular nature, system scaffolds do not fit as well and tube and fitting is often used to create bays to fill in gaps so the scaffold structure is closer to the facade.



System Scaffold

The Layher Allround scaffold system is a technically advanced, innovative system which allows access to all work areas by using the purposely designed components.  The system is a strong and durable, yet lightweight product which allows for ease of handling and efficient transportation, this reduces manual handling stresses for our teams and in turn allows them to maintain the very highest standards during installation whilst reducing programme duration.

If required, we have a direct link to the Layher Technical team for support and advice, including design requirements.  With the main benefits of the Layher Allround system being safety, productivity and versatility, we know it provides the right solution for our clients, no matter the unique requirements of the project.




We provide all types of encapsulation solutions to protect the work site and surrounding environment against potential contamination and adverse weather conditions.  Providing a controlled work area saves time and shields personnel and the working area.  This allows the project to continue, minimising disruptions and unexpected costs.

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