Protective Coatings & Specialist Linings


Protective coatings and specialist linings play a vital role in safeguarding industrial equipment and assets from all manner of threats.


Whether that be an acid resistant lining of a tank storing caustic or a corrosion resistant coating applied to pipework such as thermally sprayed aluminium, properly applied coatings and linings prolong the life of equipment and in turn reduce the requirement for maintenance – significantly reducing costs.

We provide Protective Coatings & Specialist Lining applications including:

  • Epoxy & polyurethane coatings
  • Thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA) & zinc
  • Mascoat insulation coatings – UK approved applicators
  • Marine protective coatings
  • Nuclear approved coatings
  • Tank & vessel linings: fibreglass, epoxy, glass flake, GRP systems, polyester
  • Piping & ducting linings & wraps
  • Structural steel protective coatings
  • Steel coatings, protective coatings
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