Industrial Painting & Decoration


Our industrial painting service covers all disciplines, assets and substrate materials.

Applying industrial paints to your assets and facilities not only improves their aesthetics but also protects what’s underneath from the conditions it is subject to and the surrounding environment. Protecting you business using industrial painting is particularly beneficial where assets are situated outdoor or in marine conditions, where they are subject to increased weather/water penetration.

Our operatives not only have the skills to apply paint to industrial assets but also the ability to decorate your facility with your corporate signage.  We have applied branding, including logos and text to storage tanks, walls and buildings so your customer know where to find you.

Industrial Painting & Decoration solutions include:

  • Equipment, assets, & structures of all materials
  • Cladding coatings
  • Solvent-free hot and cold applied liquid coatings
  • Hygienic coatings
  • Decoration: warehouses, offices, administration buildings
  • Wall coverings
  • Paint applied corporate signage – Company storage tank signage
  • Road markings
  • Industrial coatings tanks
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