Rope Access

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We find using a rope access team is often a safer and more efficient method of gaining entry for your workforce, dependent on the project specification.  It may also be more financially viable than traditional methods of access, particularly for short duration work at high levels.  Also, for out-of-reach locations where minimal tools and materials need to be used by the workforce, rope access should always be a consideration.


Having in-house rope access teams at our disposal means we can quickly mobilise a team when required.  We have also found that in certain situations using a rope access team alongside our other services makes for a quick, cost-effective, solution: system inspections, ND-testing, maintenance, industrial cleaning, and blasting & coatings requirements for example, can all be competently done using a rope access team.


Our rope access workers are all IRATA trained tradesmen.  This ensures that they are fully equipped for the task in hand, whilst ensuring they have the skills required for rope access work in accordance with IRATA operational guidelines.  Safety is never compromised.

  • Rope Access Operative
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