Solutions for Crematoriums: Expertise, Efficiency, and Excellence

Powertherm brings its extensive expertise and commitment to addressing the distinct needs of crematoriums. We understand the paramount importance of quality, safety, environmental responsibility, and cost-effectiveness in this sensitive industry.

That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions, such as life-cycle maintenance and repair to furnaces to ensure maximum efficiency and minimalised downtime. Our distinctive position in the market allows us to respond swiftly, tapping into in-house specialised talent to deliver tailored solutions promptly, within budget, and with precision.

Refractory lining is essential in crematorium furnaces, chambers and hot gas ducting to protect the underlying steel structure from extreme heat generated during cremation. Powertherm have experience and expertise to offer expert refractory lining solutions to ensure pre-determined and bespoke specifications are met to the highest standard. In addition to the application of new refractory lining Powertherm also offers inspections, repairs and maintenance of refractory lining to wear, tear, cracks and damage caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures, continued maintenance ensures the maximum amount of safety and efficiency possible.

Industrial insulation offers a number of benefits within this industry such as temperature maintenance, reducing energy consumption, and noise reduction, as well as improving the safety of the working environment. We offer extensive insulation solutions to fit every clients needs, with the experience and knowledge to back it up.

Access solutions can provide safe working environments for employees enabling them to access work areas safely, such as accessing rooftops and ventilation systems for maintenance and inspections.

Trace heating can be utilised within the cremation process for equipment such as screw feeds and for pipework for temperature maintenance and frost protection requirements.

Our accomplished teams have a proven track record of delivering industrial services in partnership with renowned names in the crematorium industry. Our experience in working within challenging environments while maintaining the integrity of high-value critical assets underscores our team’s expertise and dedication. Trust Powertherm to provide top-tier services that align seamlessly with the unique demands of crematorium operations.


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