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Insulation performs a vitally important role across the processing and manufacturing sectors for several reasons.  Not only does the insulation system improve process efficiencies, protect assets from the surrounding environment and help preserve energy and reduce costs, but importantly, provides critical personnel protection for people.

Our comprehensive Industrial Insulation service covers any application: if its hot, freezing or loud we have the experience, knowledge & innovative technologies to suit.

We provide specialist Industrial Insulation Services for the following installations:

  • Cryogenic to high temperatures
  • Acoustic reduction
  • Industrial boilers & incinerators
  • Turbines: inc, flue gas & steam
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Economisers
  • Hoppers
  • ACC equipment
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Industrial fans
  • Fabric filters
  • Silencers
  • Exhausts
  • Stacks
  • HVAC
  • Piping & ducting
  • Cladding/sheet metal solutions: inc personnel protection guards, flooring & walkways 
  • Industrial insulation vessel dome end
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Thermal insulation is required to reduce heat transfer from pipework and equipment.  This is especially important in industrial settings where extremely hot temperatures are common as a result of processes.  Furthermore, this reduction in heat transfer helps to protect personnel from extreme temperatures.  Thermal insulation is also installed to preserve energy and stop heat loss to help improve the efficiency of industrial processes.

Powertherm have over three decades experience operating on projects which required thermal insulation.  We have worked on new construction projects, for facilities upgrades and on long term maintenance contracts for our clients.  Our teams have a wealth of knowledge, understanding things such as corrosion under insulation can be prevalent.


Cryogenic insulation is installed to withstand the effects of sub-zero temperatures of substances like liquified natural gas (LNG) which is controlled at minus 163°C.  This type of insulation is needed to protect personnel from extreme freezing temperatures, and to help keep equipment and piping, which stores and processes substances, at a controlled temperature so that it remains in a stable and workable state.

Our specialist teams have a deep understanding of the demands of cryogenic insulation projects.  We provide our services to our clients during the construction, development and maintenance phases of their facilities.  We have extensive knowledge of the specially designed solutions this safety critical application needs, acknowledging the significant risks to personnel.


Acoustic insulation is specifically designed to achieve a reduction in noise levels.  This is particularly beneficial in industrial environments where large pieces of equipment operate and produce potentially harmful levels of noise and vibration.  Acoustic insulation is installed to help protect personnel who are working close to loud equipment and to help reduce noise pollution to the surrounding environment.

Our solutions are uniquely and specifically engineered.  We have successfully completed projects for acoustic insulation requirements, across a variety of sectors.  We analyse the situation, design a suitable solution and install the final product, to achieve a safe working environment for our clients and their people.

Innovative Substructure Solutions

As an innovative company that prides itself on always offering the right solution to our clients, we are aware that the asset being insulated is situated within an industrial environment and subject to the most demanding operating conditions.  Consequently, this can lead to problems such as accidental damage to the insulation system, which in turn can result in major issues like danger to personnel and corrosion under insulation.

To help combat this, we always encourage our clients to install a substructure where possible.  This substructure will not only prolong the life of the insulation system but make further improvements in the performance of the system from a strength, process efficiency and personnel protection viewpoint.


We offer the following sub-structures:

  • DUK-50 Rail sub-structure (sole UK supplier/installers)
  • The Space-Ring System (SRS) (Powertherm patented design [GB 2539595 A]).  Learn more >>
  • Bolted cladding support rings
  • 8mm diameter insulation studs and star plates
  • 50*50mm RSA

Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our state of the art sheet metal fabrication facility is 690m2 and hosts a team of experts who are vastly experienced and skilled at what they do.  We have an abundance of the latest equipment and are committed to developing our workforce to be at the forefront of fabricating sheet metal solutions.  Often the quality of cladding may be a last thought, when in fact technically designed and precisely engineered solutions can be the difference to an insulation system failing or lasting beyond its expected life.

We provide bespoke cladding solutions for any requirement: piping, ducting, fittings, valves, flanges, stacks, tanks, vessels, dome ends, square to rounds and other intricate assets.  We also have the skills to provide sheet metal solutions for personnel protection guards made from perforated metals and grated flooring, walkways and rails.  Our fabricators can work with any type and grade of metal including Aluzinc and stainless steels.

We’ve invested heavily in digitalising our processes, that coupled with ample equipment, workforce and storage space for materials and stock, meeting stringent deadlines and quality standards for our projects is never in doubt.

Expert Insulation System Design

When designing an insulation system, there are several key criteria and measurements which need to be understood or calculated to specify a system that is fit for purpose, performs as expected and lasts its expected life cycle.

Generally this includes:

• What is being insulated & where it will be situated
• Operating / ambient temperatures
• Installation / functionality / performance requirements
• Insulation material specification
• Cladding & support specification

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Our teams have a deep understanding of insulation systems and the factors affecting the design of them.  We can competently design full insulation systems for any asset from small bore piping systems and square ducting, to industrial boilers, storage tanks and services vessels.  Providing full system analysis, technical drawings and supporting calculations and material specifications gives our clients reassurance we are providing the right insulation system for their requirements.  Our experienced engineers know having this understanding at the design stage of an insulation system will in turn prevent major issues like CUI, and operational issues once the asset and insulation system is installed and put into service.

Vastly Experienced Service Delivery

We have vast experience working for major blue-chip clients on both new construction and term maintenance projects including outages, and have the capacity and expertise to take ownership of all aspects of a project including management, supervision, operatives, quantity surveyors, commercials and site facilities, logistics and services.

We develop, engineer, install and maintain insulation systems to achieve requirements for the most demanding targets.  Our teams analyse the conditions and generate calculations for material specifications, to develop specified solutions, whilst always using the right materials for the demands of the job.  We can competently design the correct insulation system for the job at hand, including;  thermal performance, acoustic levels, wind load and static calculations.  Our on-site teams have the skills and experience working with all types of insulation materials from aerogels to mineral fibres, and associated cladding materials like Aluzinc and stainless steel.

NAECI Projects Completed


Over the years we have incorporated new solutions, acknowledging new innovative technologies.  Along with our traditional lagging and cladding service, our in-house highly skilled teams have the ability to also offer new innovative solutions for insulation in the form of, flexible insulation products and Mascoat insulation coatings, of which we are approved applicators.

As an expert within our industry we are members of the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA).  This demonstrates our commitment to the ongoing training and development of both our operatives and apprentices, and the continual improvement of our industry.

Being fully versed in the latest solutions and techniques ensures we are at the forefront of delivering the highest standards in terms of quality.  This coupled with our in-house design capabilities and wealth of technical knowledge enables us to provide a full range of thermal and acoustic insulation solutions to suit the most demanding environments and challenging operating conditions.

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