Ferrybridge EfW Multi-fuel 2 (FM2)

Project Outcome

High-quality installation of thermal insulation and flexible covers, creating a safe working environment and improving the efficiency of the plant’s processors.  The project was completed on-time, on-budget and without safety incident.


Project Rationale

The construction of FM2:  Contributing to de-carbonising the planet by combating the waste management crisis.


Project Details

  • Contract Type: Installation
  • Industry: Power Generation (Renewable Energy)
  • Services: Insulation, Flexible Insulation Products
  • Workforce: Peak workforce 60, including Operatives, Supervisors, Project Manager, HSE Manager, QS, Commercial Manager and Admin
  • Timescale: January 2018- January 2020


Scope of Services

Comprehensive specialist insulation services to the boiler, FGT and associated equipment, piping and ductwork to lines one and two.  Assets insulated and cladded included the full air system (primary, secondary, recirculation systems), central boiler, economiser, grate, flue gas turbine, common steam piping, water steam cycle, and various vessels and tanks.

To give the insulation system substantially better strength and resistance to damage, we incorporated the DUK rail substructure.  All cladding fabrications were designed and manufactured at our in-house facility, then delivered to site by our dedicated logistics department.

We also measured, designed, manufactured and installed 2000+ flexible insulation products for valves, flanges, doorways, dampers, and expansion joints to withstand temperatures of 50-438°c.  Subsequently, some covers were manufactured using Pyrogel insulation.

  • 21,000m² of equipment cladded
  • 11,000+ lin/m of piping & 275+ lin/m of round ducting insulated and cladded

(Measurements exclude the FGT as this was additional works granted out of scope)

  • 2000+ flexible insulation products
  • Insulation Materials: mineral wool wired mattresses & pipe sections, Pyrogel
  • Cladding Materials: Stucco Embossed cladding & chequered plate walkways
  • DUK Rail substructure


Site Details

  • Location: Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK
  • Type: Energy from Waste (EfW)
  • Power Output: 70MW
  • Fuel: Residual Waste
  • Status During Project: In Construction
  • End User: Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)

The plant will produce enough energy to power around 180,000 homes and the capacity to treat up to 675,000 tonnes of waste per annum, which would have otherwise found its way to landfill.



Thermal insulation industrial boiler   Industrial insulation ducting   Thermal insulation vessel

Thermal industrial insulation hoppers   Thermal industrial insulation piping   Thermal insulation economiser


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