Thermal Cracker Vessel

Project Outcome

On-time, on-budget design, supply and installation of a multi-layered refractory lining system. The finished article met the specified standards of the client and achieved the required thermal performance.

Project Rationale

Refractory lining requirement to a new cracker vessel. The lining is required to protect the steel structure of the vessel from the extreme operating conditions it will be subject to.

Project Details

  • Contract Type: Installation
  • Industry: Power Generation
  • Services: Refractory Lining & Access Solutions (Scaffolding & Confined Space)
  • Work Force: 5, Refractory Operatives and Scaffolders.
  • Duration: 4 weeks

Scope of Services

Refractory Lining:  Our expert teams executed a variety of techniques including ramming, trimming, venting, curing and firing, before a full dry out was under taken at 1000°C. Designs and thermal calculations were generated in-house and materials were specified to prevent hotspots and achieve the required thermal performance of the vessel.

Access:  Independent scaffolds were constructed to give safe access to the internals of the vessel. Due to the confined nature of the vessel we also implemented a confined space management and rescue plan.

Design:  As part of the design stage of the project, our engineers completed a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation to provide analysis on fluid flow performance. The CFD allows us to predict how the gases within the vessel would perform with the specified refractory lining system installed.

Installation:  An installation report was documented and supplied to client upon completion. This report consisted of installation procedures & photos, inspection reports, dry out schedules, thermal profiles & calculations, and material datasheets & certificates of conformities.

Material Specification

Upper section & exit cone

  • Phosphate bonded mouldable lining
  • Ceramic fibre board
  • Microporous insulation panels

Top dome, upper cylinder & venturi section

  • Phosphate bonded mouldable

Lower section

  • Insulating firebrick
  • Calcium silicate slab
  • Microporous hydrophobic panels


  • S/S crimped ‘v’ anchors, nuts, and studs

Site Details

  • Location: Wednesbury
  • Type: Energy from Waste (EfW)
  • Fuel: Residual waste
  • Capacity: 14,000 tonnes per annum
  • Power Output: 1.8MWe

The installation was completed off-site at our Head Office in Sheffield, before the cracker was taken to its destination, an energy from waste facility in the Midlands, England. We also had to safely manage the use of a crane on-site due to the size and weight of the vessel, both before and after the installation!

Refractory lining, thermal cracker vessel   Thermal cracker vessel, refractory lining   Thermal cracker vessel, refractory lining, crane lift

Refractory lining, fire brick, thermal cracker vessel   Refractory lining, thermal cracker vessel   Refractory lining, anchorage, thermal cracker vessel

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