Twelve Quays Ferry Terminal

Project Outcome

High-quality execution of industrial & specialist coatings, surface preparation, and associated access services.  All coatings passed inspections for a minimum 15-year life before first maintenance.  Also, access services were implemented safely.

Project Rationale

The existing linkspan and pontoon structure needed upgrading due to new multi-level berthing requirements of the port, to accommodate Stena Line’s larger vessels.

Project Details

  • Contract Type: Maintenance
  • Industry: Marine & Offshore
  • Services: Surface Preparation, Industrial Coatings, Access Solutions
  • Workforce: Up to 15 individuals including, Scaffolders, Painting Operatives, Coatings Inspectors and Project Management.
  • Timescale: 6 months

Scope of Services

Industrial & Specialist Coatings:  The existing linkspan to the pontoon was mechanically prepared using grinders, wire brushes, and needle gun to treat significantly corroded areas.  The pontoon structure was subject to high pressure jetting at 35,000 PSI to strip the original weathered coating from its surface.  The external surface of the pontoon was primed and coated to give the structure prolonged protection from the River Mersey.  The ballast tanks within the internal of the pontoon were grit blasted to treat blistered and weathered spots, then primed and painted.  All new coatings have been applied to the correct depth and quality of finish to achieve a minimum 15-year life before first maintenance.

Access Solutions (Scaffolding, MEWPs):  Several technical scaffolds were constructed on-site, including tube and fitting, and independent structures, to allow safe access for our painting operatives.  Our operatives also used mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) for access to the linkspan as the port was to remain operational so a fix scaffolding structure was not suitable as it would obstruct traffic flow.  The MEWP’s were also used to gain access to the external structure of the pontoon over the Mersey.

Site Details

  • Location: Liverpool, England
  • Type: Ferry Terminal
  • Status During Project: Fully Operational
  • End User: Stena Line

Peel Ports investment will see the Belfast to Liverpool route have the capabilities to accommodate Stena Line’s next generation of double-decker vessels, through multi-level birthing.  The expansion of the roll-on roll-off ferry service will reduce turnaround times, boost capacity and improve safety.

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    Industrial marine coatings steel work bridge    Industrial marine coatings

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