Accreditation to F4H2 & F4CCUS



We are delighted to announce that, in collaboration with the Nuclear AMRC, Powertherm Contract Services Ltd (Powertherm) has been accredited to the Fit for Hydrogen (F4H2) and Fit for Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (F4CCUS) standards!


Achieving this award demonstrates to leaders within the emerging hydrogen and carbon capture markets that Powertherm has the capability and professionalism to safely manage and deliver construction activities – through our suite of industrial services – whilst respecting its personnel and the environment. It also emphasises our commitments to push forward an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach at Powertherm, through delivering greener technologies which help to decarbonise industrial sectors and the wider community.

A number of companies from across the UK started the programme to test and develop their capabilities to supply the growing markets for hydrogen production and carbon capture. Throughout a year long programme companies had to work towards F4H2 & F4CCUS standards. The programme combines an assessment against a variety of business excellence measures with sector specific assessments and development activities.


Ferrybridge Power Stations (picture credit: enfinium)

Ferrybridge Power Stations (picture credit: enfinium)


The F4H2 accreditation encourages the adoption of hydrogen as a cleaner energy carrier, it can be produced from renewable sources through electrolysis making it a crucial component of decarbonisation efforts; supporting these industries helps facilitate the transition to cleaner energy.

F4CCUS is an approach that combines carbon capture and the usage of captured carbon dioxide from large sources such as powerplants, refineries and other industrial facilities. By utilising CO2 from the atmosphere, it helps to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. Carbon can also be utilised in industrial processes to create substances such as fertilisers and even hydrogen.


Aldbrough Gas Storage - proposed hydrogen site

Albrough Gas Storage (picture credit: SSE Thermal)


Achieving the accreditations in Q1 2024, we were one of the earliest companies to be approved F4H2 and F4CCUS out of a significant number of applicants and the first multidiscipline service provider to be awarded the standard – something we are significantly proud of.

There are to date 44 Hydrogen and 41 CCUS projects (source: EIC DataStream) active in the UK with many more proposed for the future.

Bringing together our membership of several regional ‘Net Zero Clusters’, with our industry reputation for delivering high quality industrial services, we believe we are perfectly placed in the market to enable us to support those leading the innovative projects and participate in the growth of the sectors. As well as, make significant contributions in achieving Net Zero targets for everyone.


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