Hooton Bio Power, Fabric Filters: Site Installation


The fabric filters, associated equipment and ducting begins being installed on-site at Hooton Bio Power.  The project scope for Powertherm consisted of industrial insulation, trace heating and access services.

Initially our electrical engineers began the project by designing and installing trace heating systems, for temperature maintenance requirements, to the hoppers associated with the fabric filters.

Our insulation operatives then insulated and cladded the hoppers, filter body units, access roof hatches and associated ducting.  The DUK-rail system was installed as a substructure, mineral wool for insulation and finished off with goosewing grey Plastisol cladding.

Our scaffolding operatives also erected temporary roof structures to provide weather protection for the units.

The 24MW facility is in its construction stage so we pre-fabricated the units off-site, before the site installation, where our operatives will finish the project with some additional scope and add closures/flashings to the units.


Industrial thermal insulation cladding fabric filters

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