How to Prevent CUI: Fabrication Quality

The Importance of High Quality Fabrications to Prevent CUI.

Precisely engineered cladding fabrications are often a last thought and overlooked in terms of their importance in protecting against CUI.

From on-site measuring and manufacturing, to transportation and installation, measures should be taken and techniques implemented to ensure high quality fabrications at all times.

Using highly trained, experienced fabricators, and state of the art machinery and advance manufacturing methods will increase the quality of fabrications.

In some cases on-site measuring will be required to determine the dimensions of a fabrication.  During this stage, steps should be taken to minimise errors which can ultimately cause fabrications to not fit properly once later installed on-site.  Care should also be taken during the transportation of fabrications to site, to reduce potential damage.


Thermal insulation pipework


During installation, use qualified insulation operatives to achieve a high quality installation. Following cladding best practice and ensuring water tight cladding seams will help prevent water ingress – a main cause of CUI.

Collectively these measures will improve the quality of the final installation on-site and significantly reduce the risks associated with CUI.

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