Material Properties of The Space-Ring System

What are the materials properties of the Space-Ring System (SRS)?

The support-rings as a whole can be supplied in 304 or 316 stainless-steel grades.

This means they are themselves corrosion resistant.

Where dissimilar metal corrosion (Galvanic corrosion) is a concern, materials such as glass webbing tape can be applied between the SRS bracket and external metal cladding.


The Space-Ring System, cladding support


The protective caps on the end of the spacer screws are made from silicone. They provide a heat barrier, that reduces thermal bridging, and allow for thermal expansion.

For extremely high temperatures, an additional protective barrier can be applied between the spacer screws and the underlying asset. This can be achieved using materials such as glass webbing tape or Pyrogel, which provide a suitable heat barrier and protect the integrity of the insulation system and underlying asset.

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