Prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI): Mechanical Design

How to Prevent CUI: Mechanical Design

An insulation system and measures to prevent CUI are often an afterthought, when in reality considerations should be made at the mechanical design stage of a project, including:

  • Allowing sufficient clearance from structural steels, walkways & assets etc. for the specified insulation thickness to be installed.
  • Pipe supports and hangers should allow for effective cladding protection and the continuity of the insulation system.
  • All penetrations of the system should be designed to maintain the mechanical fix of the cladding throughout the system.
  • Where possible flanges should be installed with their spindles at least horizontally to minimise the risk of water ingress.
  • Ensure flanges, pipe stubs & entry points etc. are specified to allow the correct insulation thickness and allow the termination of fixed cladding.
  • Adhere to cladding best practices, and consider equipment fixing points.

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