The Space-Ring System (SRS): A more sustainable solution

Improve the sustainability of your insulated assets.

Assets up and down the oil and gas industry are ageing.  Upwards of 60% of pipe failures are due to the effects of CUI (OGTC), and 80% of CUI failures are specifically linked to pipework (ExxonMobil).  CUI is a major contributor to costs, whether that be directly through inspections and maintenance or indirectly through operational downtime, none of which are preferred for asset owners and operators.

As the energy sector transitions to meet net zero carbon emissions targets, companies need to pro-long asset life cycles and reduce costs to maximise value and remain competitive.


Cladding support system thermal insulation


The SRS provides a more sustainable solution for several reasons:


Increased Mechanical Strength

The SRS uses support rings to transfer the weight load onto the underlying asset.  Providing a substantially stronger base in comparison to the typically soft, often friable insulation material.  This significantly increases the mechanical strength of the insulation system, protecting it from potential damage and pro-longing its life cycle.

This increased mechanical strength and subsequent resistance to damage means that the system is less likely to sustain damage and will therefore need maintaining less, reducing time and costs.


Part Removal

During inspections and maintenance, the SRS allows for part removal of the insulation system.  It’s modular design and mechanical fix means that areas which are at an increased risk of CUI can just be removed.  This leaves other sections of the insulation system undisturbed, sealed, and protected from the surrounding environment.

A common problem during removal of insulation and cladding is fabrications become damaged and the insulation material slipping.  This results in waste, and poor reinstatement, which can leave the system open, where moisture can freely enter the system and cause corrosion.  Collectively part removal will reduce waste and save time, resulting in a substantial cost saving.



Engineered to be re-applied, the SRS can be installed, removed, and re-installed where required, reducing wastage and associated costs.


Protects Against CUI

The properties of the SRS protect against the threat of CUI.  Along with the increased mechanical strength of the SRS protecting against damage and the potential for moisture ingress, the SRS also protects against CUI in other ways.

It introduces an air gap between the cladding surface and the insulation material.  This allows air to freely move around the system, keeping the insulation material and asset dry.

Also, the internal surface of the cladding acts as a gutter and low-level drainage points allows any moisture build-up to escape, which may occur from condensation because of operating conditions.


Personnel Protection Guard Installation

The modular design of the SRS allows it to be installed on non-insulated assets.  Where the risks associated with CUI are determined so severe that the associated costs of leaving the asset un-insulated is an acceptable one, or if an asset needs to lose heat for process reasons, the SRS is unrivalled in its performance for personnel protection guard installations.


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