Why We Developed the Space-Ring System (SRS)

The SRS: Developed from Experience & Expertise, Supported by Research.

Powertherm is a specialist insulation contractor.  We are committed to supporting the industries we operate in through developing innovative solutions and focusing on improving safety.  Our teams work with pipelines and equipment, installing insulation systems everyday: it’s what we do.  Consequently, we know and understand the issues operators face and recognise the weaknesses in traditional systems.

The energy sector is transitioning and client assets are ageing.  As such we know clients need to pro-long asset life cycles and reduce costs to ultimately maximise value and remain competitive.  CUI is a major contributor to costs, whether that be directly through inspections and maintenance or indirectly through operational downtime, none of which are preferred for asset owners and operators.

It is said 60% of pipeline failures are due to the effects of CUI.  So we asked ourselves the questions:  what can we do? and what is the real reason CUI occurs?


Either through damage to an insulation system or due to unavoidable operating conditions


“CUI is a product of wet metal exposure duration, the insulation system that holds the least amount of water and dries most quickly should result in the least amount of corrosion damage to equipment.” – NACE


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