Insulation System Substructures


Insulated processing equipment such as industrial boilers, piping, ducting and vessels are subject to the most demanding operating conditions and situated within an industrial environment.

This can lead to problems including accidental damage to the insulation system which in turn can result in major issues like corrosion under insulation (CUI), as opening of cladding seams allows for water intrusion into the insulation system  –  a main cause of CUI.

As part of the design of an insulation system it is good practice to install a substructure to both install correctly and support the insulation material and the protective cladding.

Generally, a support substructure will:


•  Prevent the insulation material from moving:  Thermal expansion and contraction, and inspections and maintenance can lead to the insulation material slipping and sagging.  This leaves gaps between the insulation material resulting in the surface of the asset being exposed.


•  Increase the mechanical strength of the insulation system:  Improving its protection from accidental damage, and the conditions it is subject to  –  keeping the system water tight.

Insulation system substructures

Whether it’s an RSA, insulation studs & star plates for the insulation material, or bolted support rings, or something innovative such as the DUK Rail or the Space-Ring System for cladding support for example:  Installing a fit for purpose substructure will significantly improve the integrity of the insulation system and help to prevent CUI.


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