Category: The Space-Ring System (SRS)

Material Properties of The Space-Ring System

What are the materials properties of the Space-Ring System (SRS)? The support-rings as a whole can be supplied in 304 […]

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Thermal Expansion in Piping

The Space-Ring System (SRS) Allows for Thermal Expansion Generally, industrial assets like piping will expand when heated, and contract when […]

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Can other CUI mitigating solutions be used with the SRS installed?

YES – The Space-Ring System (SRS) works alongside other technologies and solutions which help to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI). […]

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Why We Developed the Space-Ring System (SRS)

The SRS: Developed from Experience & Expertise, Supported by Research. Powertherm is a specialist insulation contractor. ¬†We are committed to […]

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The SRS: Personnel Protection Guards

THE SRS: UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE FOR PERSONNEL PROTECTION GUARDS. The unique design of the SRS allows it to be installed on […]

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